Introducing The

Candy Pack Add-On

Pro plugins to sweeten your livestream

Powerful Creative Features

Candy Pack is a collection of plugins for PolypopLive designed to give you deeper creative control of your livestream and video creations.


Easily record and create complex animations and alerts.

Scene Images

Build custom-sized scenes that can be used as textures, recorded, or streamed simultaneously alongside your main scene.


Undo more than one step back.


Custom webhooks to trigger alerts using special alert URLs. Integrate with external automation tools to do things like react to external devices.

Web Requests

Request URLs to trigger external services to do things such as turn on/off lights using services like

QR Code Alerts

Easily generate QR codes that fire alerts in your shows whenever your viewers scan them.

GIF Sharing

Easily generate GIFs and instantly share them with your audience.

Exploding Balloons

Build alerts that emit colorful balloons into your scene that explode paint onto your scene and any 3D object in your space.

Coin Flip Game

A simple but highly useful coin flip game that allows your viewers to decide on outcomes.

Expression Wire

Adds a wire for connecting alerts to any property type and assign values using simple expressions.

Global Variables

Add custom global variables to your Library enabling you to set property values centrally.

More to come!

We keep adding more plugins to the Candy Pack Add-on. They become available to you as soon as we add them. Keep an eye out for updates!



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Billed Monthly

By subscribing, you’ll get access to all the Candy Pack plugins and help support the continual development of PolypopLive. ♥️