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Why Did We Create PolypopLive?

As avid live stream viewers and video game aficionados, we noticed a dissonance: while the games streamers played were popping with innovations and ever-evolving technologies, the live-stream platforms haven’t changed much in years. Coming from the worlds of VR and gaming, we realized that we could do something about it. We thought, why not take the capabilities of a gaming engine, and apply them to the world of live-streaming? The result is PolypopLive – the only live-streaming app powered by a gaming engine, that adds a third dimension to live-streaming and takes interactivity to a new level.

How did we get here?

As we worked on refining our 3D gaming engine at Simmetri, we saw the potential for it to revolutionize the broadcasting industry. We were struck by how limited and outdated live-streaming seemed in comparison to the immersive, interactive experiences we were used to in virtual and 3D environments. This realization led us to embark on a mission to use our expertise and technology to elevate the live-streaming industry to new heights.

What Does it Mean?

Using a game engine to power your live broadcasts allows you to add a level of customization and creativity that sets your content apart. With the ability to manipulate features like gravity and apply your live camera feed as a texture to 3D objects, the possibilities for unique and exciting broadcasts are endless. Imagine coins with your face on them zooming around in a world where you can control the laws of physics – the potential for an engaging and one-of-a-kind viewing experience is limitless.

Polypop brings a new level of interactivity to live broadcasts both on and off the screen. Its effects are not just pre-made overlays, but rather animations that are generated in real-time and react dynamically to what’s happening on the screen. With no coding, you can create custom sequences to respond to audience-driven events, like sending virtual hearts or emojis whenever someone tips you. This innovative approach to interactivity helps make every broadcast a truly unique and engaging experience.


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