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Jun 14, 2022
In Feature Requests
- !! The ability to rename mods !! -On some of the pre-made boxes, instead of stretching out one source over all the surfaces-- adding an option to simply clone the same source onto all sides -Making multiple layers of 2d images a single source (adding my cam border over my camera capture, and making that a single source to be put on a 3d object, for example) -The option to personalize sorting in the layout in the Library (instead of it beling locked to alphabetically) -when hiding or showing, remove the fade-- making it instant (if I want to for example spam on/off, I don't want it to fade in and out-- I want to make it pop) Which is connected to: -separate the lock, and show/hide as different buttons next to eachother, having three button presses for the on/off switch shouldn't really be a thing imo. I use the on/off feature waaaay more than the lock feature, so having that hurdle feels like unnecessary pain majority of the time :x -make the scene layout scalable to take up less space, AND/OR: -make the layout customizable, possibly moving the scene layout onto different corners of the program -the ability to have an action sequence trigger another action sequence I spend most of my time in the teeny tiny mods section of items to have action sequences be timed properly, so this one could maybe me just me but-- -Add a separate standalone mods menu that can be accessed via rightclicking on an item (like OBS' properties menu) -add more pop-out menus instead of lists in lists in lists in lists. Having to collapse lists constantly burns my brain a bit, especially when its between multiple of the same mods of the same item-- with names I can't change to differentiate which 'return to origin' goes to which space in the scene. Also side note-- I think 'Return to origin action' should be renamed to 'Move', and have the current 'Move Action' be merged into it to make one 'Move Action' mod-- Similar to OBS' 'Move Source' plugin, where it's labelled as a 'Relative' transformation and just 'Transformation' . So far I'm absolutely loving the program though, stellar work! :D


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