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Mar 18, 2022
In Report a Bug
Hi, I'm running Polypop into OBS as NDI source. It worked the first day. Went to bed and now it doesn't work. I have tried to remove the NDI source and add it again, nothing changed. I had trouble getting the NDI Source to show in OBS after 20 minutes of farting around with it, it decided to show for some reason. I disabled my Firewall for the moment to see if that was blocking it, Seems not the issue. I still have no clue what happen. Another note* When I add NDI as a source, it doesn't show up in the "Source Name" In OBS for some time, not even all all some times. Especially if I just try to add it to the same source window without creating a new NDI Source. I have had to delete my original NDI source just to make another one with the same NDI source and it shows up and displays on OBS. The audio output is showing in Polypop but not showing in OBS when using NDI, but video is showing. ????? This did not happen the very first time I did this. This problems started after I shut down, went to bed, then started up the computer. "Question" Why do I have to go through all this drama when I use this software? Why is the source not showing up when requested and not when it feels like it? *Quick answer I think: It's because the software is new and being developed. Love the program concept so far in it's baby form, let's see how it matures. Any suggestions on my NDI audio problems?


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