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Daniel D.
Aug 29, 2021
In Questions & Answers
Hi, whats up? I would like your opinion first if this video effect was made by Polypop. I asked Streamer but he didn't answer me so I started researching about it. Today I use OBS with many plugins and programs integrations (TouchPortal, LioranBoard, etc). I can't do without OBS as my main tool because of this, but I would like to implement an effect like this in the video. In short, viewers rescue the channel point to make this effect, and randomly its cam face is going back and forth, as if it were being played, without 3D rotation. I tried in every way to apply this in PolyPop but I wasn't able and I didn't find any tutorial about it. Could you help me with that? Thx
Was this effect done in Polypop? How can I integrate this with OBS which is now my streaming tool with all my effects and plugins?  content media

Daniel D.

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