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Jan 13, 2022
In Feature Requests
Coming from OBS, the audio devices are a lot more customizable, the current implementation does not work with my setup. For example: 1. My audio device is stereo (Behiringer UMC202HD), but each channel, left and right, have 2 different microphones on it. In OBS and most other software, I can tell the audio source to only use the left or right channel. Then I can add 2 microphones in the software, one taking the left channel and one taking the right channel. The current implementation seems to mix the 2 MICs on a single "Channel". 2. Audio filters. I use several audio filters built into software to make the audio really sound good. Such as an EQ, Expander (to cut the MIC off when sound is low) and a compressor, to smooth out loud sounds. 3. Support for Advanced audio plugins through VST. This allows for advanced audio processing, such as reverb, fancier EQ and Compressors, etc. While similar to #2, its a more complex setup in most software, so they tend to provide the basics internally, with advanced setup in VST to allow basically unlimited options. For a setup like mine, 1 is basically a show-stopper and 2 is pretty high up on the list. With 3 being a really nice to have. I could work-around the situation using virtual audio devices (such as Voice Meter Banana for example). But they have a limited number of virtual channel outputs and the flow of the signal makes it much tougher to keep the audio in sync.


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