Build Amazing Interactive Livestreams

A screenshot of PolypopLive

A Game Engine For Your Livestream

Create stunning interactive livestreams that showcase your unique personality and style, all powered by our game engine.

No Coding

With PolypopLive, you can bring your interactive dreams to life without writing a single line of code. Just wire together your favorite alerts to actions and boom, instant fun!

2D + 3D

Get ready to unleash your inner artist! Our canvas is your playground, where you can let your creativity run wild using a huge variety of 2D and 3D elements. You can also import your own and mix it all together for a truly unique creation. 


Mod it up and give your objects some flair! With mods, you can easily add animation, physics, and all sorts of special characteristics to create dynamic and eye-catching effects in your projects.

Unique Overlays

PolypopLive is the ultimate tool for creating custom overlays and alerts to give your stream personality and style. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned streamer, PolypopLive has something to offer for everyone.

Interactive Tutorials

PolypopLive’s in-app interactive tutorials will introduce you to the basics: from how to start streaming to how to add unique interactive elements to your livestream.

For your workflow

Use PolypopLive standalone or in conjunction with your favorite streaming app and browser sources to bring PolypopLive’s possibilities into your existing workflow.

A mosaic of plugins


Endless Possibilities

With PolypopLive’s plugin system, you can easily enhance your live stream with features like mini-games, filters, sources, 3D objects, alerts and more.

Best of all, we’re adding new stuff regularly so there’s always something new to play with.

A pile of green toy blocks