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Microphone still cuts out during stream
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Aug 16, 2022
Hi William, Apologies again about the late response here, but I didn't want to respond until I was able to devote some time looking into this. PolyPop doesn't do anything audio-capture related if no mics are added to it, so the fact that the mic-being-lost behavior occurs in OBS when PolyPop isn't handling the mic at all is weird. One behavior I just noticed that differs between PolyPop and OBS is PolyPop will completely shut down the mic if it's not in use in a particular scene (and its library item is not visible). You can confirm this by noticing the mic icon next to the system clock disappears (you might need to hide the Library to ensure the Mic item is not visible). It does this to reduce overhead, privacy-assurances, etc. OBS doesn't appear to do this. It keeps the mic open (but mutes its audio) even on scenes that don't use the mic. Therefore, by keeping the device open, this may help mitigate problems where the device might go to sleep then has issues when its re-accessed/reawakened later on. I actually have experienced this behavior before with webcams. It seems as if some USB devices in some cases enter some sort of offline/sleep mode when nothing is using them and re-accessing them sometime seems to cause issues. However, there is a case where OBS will shutdown the mic: You mentioned you originally had the Yeti mic as part of the PolyPop VCam source (using OBS's Video Capture Device's custom audio source option?). If this is the case and you have the VCam Video Capture Source's "Deactivate When Not Showing" option enabled, OBS will (in this case) deactivate the mic if switching to a different scene in OBS where the VCam source is not in use. Then if the device went to sleep (e.g. during your 20 min intermission), it might have issues when its re-awakened. The reawakening issue would suggest a driver problem, though perhaps PolyPop should just keep the device open the whole time to handle possible cases like this. For now, simply ensuring the device is always present on all scenes as a sound (with a min volume) would keep the device open and possibly fix this. I'm still not 100% convinced that it's not PolyPop's fault yet though, so it's still being looked into. Also, regarding limiters/compressors etc.: the latest version of PolyPop has those and a full audio filter chain system with VST3 plugin support as well. It's currently downloadable through our Discord server (see #Announcements channel). Sorry about any time you lost here looking into this. I definitely appreciate the thorough investigating and we'll keep investigating on our end.
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