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Roel van Lierop
Jan 16, 2022
In General Discussion
Tried Polypop for the first time. Some first impressions; I really liked the first run with Polypop. It's easy to work with. it has a really good tutorial section and I quickly was on my way with creating a fairly simple 3D scene with a waveform on the background. I had three main issues with the software that need attention though; - There is no way to make a cutout of a webcam source. I'm using a mixer that I want to show, but my camera has some distance so there is more in view than I need. I would like to cut off that piece of the webcam view so that I can show the mixer as big as possible. - I'm usually using three webcams to show the action. One Logitech C920 and two C922's. When I connect both C922's only the last one (or the first) is detected by Polypop. Thus making it impossible to use all three camera's (OBS can do this!) - The framerates weren't recognized. They are 1080p30 / 720p60 camera's, and I would like to use them as such. All three make use of the default Windows way of detecting camera's. I'm not using the Logitech software (Since this has proven to be problematic, and they work fine with window's default way) All in all, had a great run with Polypop and we will definately be keeping our eye out for this amazing piece of software. It just needs some small polishing before we can use it for our ends. Well done team!
Roel van Lierop

Roel van Lierop

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